If you want to relax, acceptance is the way. Accept whatever is happening all around, let it become an organic whole. . Everything is interrelated. The birds, these trees, this sky, this sun, this earth, you, me are all related. Its organic unity. . Everything is deeply related with everything else. . Be mindfully receptive and open, don’t initially deny anything, because the moment you deny, you are denying something in you. It is our gift to discover the hidden passages of our truth, purpose and divination. Allow all your paths to be peace and guided with love. . I love this planet and all of its abundance. Gratitude for earth and all of creation . . I’m a deep lover of you. .

I find it frustrating when people imply that there is no way to analyze power because it’s ubiquitous, fluid, and purely relational. The idea that power is impossible to possess, anchor, and pinpoint can suggest that power relations are completely socially unintelligible and impossible to examine. However, even though there is no external view of a fixed locus of power, there is still the possibility of illuminating alignments of power through an examination of webs of power relations and patterns of effects. That how we might arrive at an analysis of, say, patriarchy, which isn’t reducible to the concentration of power into the hands of men, but rather is maintained though “mobile, polymorphous, and contingent techniques of power” that include multiple strategies, whether it’s the naturalization of women’s inferiority in scientific discourses or the day-to-day performance of gender in order to be perceived as an intelligible human subject. Even Foucault was very aware that something like “constellations” of power or “alliances” exist even in the absence of absolutist and fixed configurations of power. Confluences and bundles of relations of power are produced within disciplinary configurations of power. These constellations can accrue power and resemble classical “oppression,” as links, alliances, and alignments of power coalesce.
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You are a dreamers love come true, an artist vision born . . Goddess of galaxies unknown . . You are creative love. Thank you for being so beautiful . . I love you. .

You are absolutely amazing, and your words always leave yellow butterflies in my womb. I appreciate all the love and learning you gift me with, each and everyday, in presence or in absence. Thank YOU for being so beautiful. I love you more, my Love! *soul kisses* (:

Anonymous asked:
Hey, so I'm 20 but my boobs sag a bit. That's because of the size, it's a C/D. Heavy. I feel so insecure about it and I don't know what to do about these feelings I have. It's to the point where I don't want anyone to see emMy boyfriend and I makeout, but not fully. He says the next time he wants to see them and take things further. I'm so scared of him seeing it. :( I don't want to tell him.

Hello, I think that if the nature of your breast bother you, you should try exercises that will lift your breast. It will not be a overnight process of course. I truly believe that you are fine the way you are, though. I recently decided to stop wearing bras, I mean I will depending on what I’m wearing or wear I’m attending, but rarely do I wear them. Therefore my breast are what someone else would consider “saggy”, I don’t consider them saggy because I’m not comparing them to anyone else’s they are mine, they are imperfect. I have very visible stretch marks on my breast from the fluctuation of my weight… I say all of this to say, love who you are… If a man (or anyone for that matters) has a problem with your body, maybe they are not deserving of your body anyway. Many women have issues with their breast but you have to accept yourself as you are. You are beautiful, please don’t ever be insecure over something so natural. Embrace your every curve, line, lump, sag, scar, scape, they make you unique, and if you truly can not, their are ways to enhance whatever you have a problem with… Stay beautiful.

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I LOVE your soul💛

Thank you! Your love is always felt and returned, Queen!


Im so happy i came across afreedomtoexpress! Humans like her restore my faith in humanity.

I write vicariously through hurting souls.
afreedomtoexpress (andreasiera)
I just hope the one that you lover makes you feel beautiful and inspired. I pray that your soul is being fed, daily.
I am thankful for my breaths of today. I am forever thankful for my openness to love and be loved in such a pure and genuine way. As I lay in this park grass this am. I can’t help but think of my purpose in this world; to give love, to uplift my beautiful people, to be in love with nature, to be good to my body and soul. To love strangers, unconditionally. To do everything that moves/encourages my spirit and soul to be more free, patient, loving and resilient. I love this life… So much gratitude for the space and time to create love and peace and spread it along the way. #Gratitude #belove #beopen #befree
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Explore my depths
Admire my scars
Never punish me for having both.


I want you in your purest form
celebrate your freedom, Goddess
what’s the perfect gift, if its never been unwrapped?
maintaining my composure
only to align my truths with your contour
see, I prefer you nude and clothed at the same time

Bare it all to me
without removing a single article of clothing
reveal to me
those beautiful scars
that you got centuries ago
they never fully healed at all

Guide me to those beauty marks in the most unseen places
until now
I Imagine myself
carefully kissing careless bruises
left by shameless past lovers
Be real nude for me
no where to hide secrets when you’re completely naked

There is a canvas between your thighs
it brings out the artist in me
and the art of your naked soul attracts me
to want to know more

Sentiments of what you’ve learn to conceal
from others
you show to me
transparency in your bareness
as you impose

in your ‘NUDITY’

Nudity- (afreedomtoexpress)


You are my first sip of morning tea
warm, sweet, gentle, and much needed.


Today I felt like I needed to enjoy some much needed self-love.
If not even for a few minutes love yourself.
Allow your self to feel.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable,
Allow yourself to cry, not because you are weak but because you are strong enough to release everything weighing on you.
Allow yourself to breathe.
Allow yourself to reflect.
Allow yourself to be open and completely transparent.
Be bare and in nature if you’re comfortable with that.
However you choose to love yourself, just make sure it is done!
Write letters to yourself, document your journey to a self loving life!
That’s is all.
Peace & self-love.